We are pleased to announce we can supply Fd30s Solid Core composite Doors that exceeded the 30 minute Fire Door Test to BS476 Part 22:1987 from both sides! Test results are available on request. (Please note that these tests have been carried out to comply with the MHCLG requirements that the door sets need to be tested on both sides).

The supply-only starting price for the Maple, Rufford and Carburton door designs in white would be £836.27 inc VAT and delivery* with an overhead closer. (Concealed closers are £100 more.)

This price may vary depending on your colour preference and hardware requirements.

Our current lead time for fire doors is 3-5 weeks.

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To get an instant online quote for a FD30 Composite Fire Door, please click on the Fire Door tab at the top of the door designer.

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Due to strict fire safety regulations, the design options shown below are the only options we can offer as these are the designs which have been tested against fire safety tests.

Please also see below our fire safety notification:

Due to recent changes (Nov 1 2019) in European Law relating to the supply of Fire Doors, the SolidCore certified FD30s should only to be used as an internal door set with resistance to fire and smoke and should not be specified or installed as an external door set.

For reference, the definition of an external door set as defined in BS EN 14351-1:2006 is a ‘door set, which separates the internal climate from the external climate of a construction for which the main intended use is the passage of pedestrians’.

If you would like a quote put together please provide us with the measurements and design specifications you require via email at info@compositedoorsuppliers.co.uk.

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